Thursday, February 20, 2014


The lunatics bang on the cellar door.
Their head traumas
are audible to everyone.
Grey post-human individuals
with automatic hook-up devices,
Feeding themselves super grown
metabolic mind teasers
that sedate cautionary nervous impulses,
while breaking open the disastrous attributes of free radicals.
Death squads are out in force
having little or no success
in keeping
our insane delusions at bay.

News reports tell us
little more than passing
anecdotes while the mob christens
a new disciple.
They were once angels
who wore prosthetic wings
until they too got taken away.
Now they carry themselves drunk, 
speaking in languages that are only understood by ancient people
that were executed
by anti-pagan sentiments
in the days prior to our own ascension.

The news clips pass with details of the coming Armageddon
in the guise of non-nuclear proliferation,
along with a number for tickets to the show.