Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It only took an hour.

Earlier this afternoon,
I realized we’d be running
for awhile, before the words
even had time to attach themselves. 

Somehow, I wasn’t worried…

She drove most of the way,
he remained silent,
thinking of what to say.

Sitting in the back seat,
watching the fast paced world speed by outside,
and the slow creep of time inside,
I was reminded of this dream I use to have
when I was a child.

If ever a time existed for either of us.

A man who would sit outside this house,
playing cards,
each card had a symbol and a portent,
each time I had the dream,
a different deck of cards
Maybe it was the sunlight
bouncing off the clouds
and onto the ground that reminded me of the sky that shone above that man’s house that triggered recollection.
I Haven’t had that dream in years.
Haven’t dreamed in months.

Later, that afternoon,
as we watched him
shuffle himself
and his consciousness
back to the car,
I could feel her smile
shattering onto the floor.
Tiny, sharp fragments
nipping at my heals.
“This should’ve been better.”
The words managed to stick
themselves to the cuts.
Blood clotting themselves onto oblivion.