Wednesday, January 15, 2014

mechanical travel agent.

There was a slimy feeling
to where we were standing.
As if we had stepped into
a separate world
apart from our own,
but still real and tangible.
Just beneath the surface.

By breaking through that surface
we had trespassed on grounds unfamiliar.
We were happy with the unfamiliarity.
It meant that none of us
had fallen so far as to be
able to recognize
the scent of insanity.

Knowing it well enough
to guess the outcome.
The slippery slope was slipping once more.
The feeling of unfamiliarity subsided,
eventually, either by numb association
or plain alleviating grace.

We were taken deeper
into this parallel dimension
without knowing when to leave.
Going through room after room
each a glimpse at destinies
and fate’s offspring
holding the keys.

Future lives being dissected on tables made of previous convictions
by surgeons and tailors divine.

I no longer remembered
why we were here
and feared
that the longer the stay
the less there was to keep.