Thursday, April 3, 2014

when in doubt.

Playing solitaire by the water,
watching the clouds move over the game,
watching the sun fade away.
The weather is calm;
the souls are at rest today.
The people are watching 
from below
as well as above.
Cards are running low,
the deck is getting thin.
The day is fading away without me.
Golden bows
blast open the doorways
to unforeseen manifestations.
The stars and the moon arrive.

The soul is awakened by a purpose,
and then quickly runs out of ideas.
Nothing lasts forever.
Night comes,
making it hard to see
characters and playgrounds
bargained by jack’s and ace’s.

The joker, a trickster and a prophet,
reminds us
that there is always a truth within a lie
and some lies help to make us feel better.