Friday, March 14, 2014


Watch the glass shards
within blood coursing rivers
through arteries
shattering and imploding.

The innocence sold
for a glimpse of the afterlife.

Plastic voodoo people are shot down
by St. Peter’s goon squad,
shoot first
and ask for forgiveness afterwards.

The streets are over-run by rejects
that were kicked out of paradise.
Paper thin people
crying from the steps of the Pearly Gates;
their eye’s leaking sacred fluids
that can be injected
by eyeless junkies to get a quick fix.

There is an onion skin girl-puppet
caressing the cuts on her legs;
inserting vials of poison in the wounds.
They’ll bring a good price
from the surgeon.
The money will buy her a ticket
out of town before anyone realizes
how much poison is missing.

The air swells from the screams
as the shootings cut down the junkies supply.
Paper thin corpses blowing in the wind,
collecting at the feet
of prosthetic angels.