Wednesday, March 19, 2014

march 20, 2003.

Reign over me.
Emperor greed-fiend
whose name is engraved on the bullets.
Worms crawl to him for assurances
that we’re all beautiful and divine.

Hail to the god, the devil, and the defiler too.

Reign over me. Strike up the angelic chorus.
Harking on trumpets made of victims to a holy war.
Buying up the world
while the poor eat
the morphine
in the pudding
so the children won’t
remember what has been
committed in their names.

Rain fires. Reign people.
Popes, kings, and presidents.
Lunatics, tramps, and sinners.
Give of yourself for yourself!
Take what you want
and kill whomever gets in the way.
A whole land of worms
praying to be butterflies someday.
Reign future,
reign bullets,
reign fires
Reign over me, oh, sweet American dream.