Saturday, March 29, 2014


Watching the world
synthesized digitally
51 frames per second.
Catching glimpses
of chemically oriented enlightenments
that degrade synapses.
Overlooking past judgments on society
for an eternal fantasy.
It’s all untouched and permanent,
where happiness truly exists.

Clean air that’s inviting and pure,
its inhabitants surrounded in a
forever state of contentment
basking in a warm and forgiving light
where someone would want to
buy in   
retire too,
die in,
or live forever.
A fading sunset,
a glorious sunrise,
what Christmas morning should be,
what living should feel like.

Death and suffering are only
concepts for entertainment
and reasons to purchase better.

A misplaced envy swells
for that life
existing within
that second to second universe
where reality is a utopian light show.

As if everything here,
amongst the flesh and meat of it all,
is less and inferior
when compared to that grand vision.

All cumulating in a sickness,
a depression,
a void,
cast from depravation for a life,
that for a few seconds,
I’m convinced I once had;
and through my own fault, I’ve lost.