Friday, March 7, 2014

with the smile on.

She’s a war monger’s daughter,
a smile worth a million dollars
or a thousand lives, whichever you gots,
her breed is recognizable.

Corruptible god fearers walk the aisle hand in hand.
Those people are to blame…
I got my own faults,
I admit, but in the end,
it’s all capitalism,
thems the cards we bought.
They took my dreams away.
They take everyone’s dreams here,
clean them, censor them, and put them back
before anyone realizes they’re gone.
Were living in the moments between purchases.
Most of us have already been bought.

Sitting in the America Mall,
drinking coffee with whip cream through a straw,
explaining the prophecy of a manifest destiny
colliding with a free market buy out
is no way to pass the day.
She’s coming for another pass, the smile,
her daddy, the general,
bought her a new toy.

The scent of another third world nation being decimated.